Going for Your Dreams

Contrary to what most people believe, I honestly do think that we were put on this earth to fulfill our dreams.

That little dream in our heart.

Everyone has one. At least I’d like to think so.

But quite the opposite to spending every waking moment trying to find our dreams, most of us prefer to bury our head in the sand and forget about it.

But dreams are a funny thing. If we don’t try to fulfill it, it becomes like a bitter pill inside us, it makes us sad and angry in the process.

And so when others come to us with their dreams and their hopes, we can’t relate to it with admiration because we’re still nursing our pain from our failed attempt.

So what do we do?

We admonish them for being so naive and tell them to get a real job.

We break their hearts and their spirit. And is it because we don’t believe in them, or that no one deserves a chance to fulfill their dreams, seeing as we didn’t get a chance to live ours?

We tell them the opposite of what they really need to hear.

We should be telling them, ‘Yea, go for it’.

Go for it. Because what’s the worse that can happen? You spend years of your life doing something you love, a little bit everyday, or you daydream about it instead? You watch with regret while someone else does what you’re not willing to endure?

How could that ever be right?

If everyone played it safe, then there would be no books to read, no music to listen to and no explorers and adventurers who discovered the world.

The world would be a dull, small and safe place.

Even if it’s just a hobby, wouldn’t you rather spend a little time each day doing something you love than not doing it at all and just churning up inside because you live with regret.

Regret is a terrible friend.

And every one of us has a purpose, a call, a vocation. The road is a narrow one, hardly travelled, risky and dangerous. At many times it doesn’t even make sense.

Many will drop off along the way, give up, turn back, call it a day.

But the one thing that should keep all of us going is the feeling we get when we accomplish some part of our dream.

That feeling, no matter how brief, is the greatest feeling in the world.

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