Five Must Have Pattern Drafting Tools

It is always advisable that you make your own patterns and draft them all by yourself. If you are fond of drafting patterns for your clothes on your own and believe in the independence and perfection that it gives you, then one thing that you must be careful about is to make sure that you settle only for the best! It is great to think about wearing clothes that are designed exclusively by you and thus look great on you.

However, unless you have the right kind of guidance and the exact pattern drafting tools that you need for such work, your clothes will not fit you well and your designs may well not suit your body type. Once you have the exact tools that you need, your work will become way easier and far more accurate than it can otherwise be.

In fact with these five must have pattern drafting tools, even a beginner can easily make his own pattern drafts!

1. Lutterloh Pattern Making System

To make patterns that are unique and stand out and at the same time suit your exact body frame, what you need is the perfect pattern making system.

In the Lutterloh Pattern Making System you will find just that! It is the most important pattern drafting tool that you must have on yourself. It is extremely easy to master this simply yet internationally designed system that makes your sewing designing and drafting work as easy as eating a delicious cake.

All you need to do is to feed in two major measurements and the Lutterloh system will ensure that the designs you draft fit you really well! Whatever is the kind of design that you choose to opt for, the Lutterloh System will work real wonders for you and that’s a guarantee!

2. Designer’s Curve

Whenever you think of accurate fitting you must keep in mind the Designer’s curve! Make sure that the Designer’s curve is the one that brings to you its international rulers made from acrylic that is not only transparent but of top class quality and comes with the perfect front and back arm hole. This makes taking the correct measurements really easy for you with the guarantee of accuracy as well!

3. Tailor’s Curve

The Tailor’s Curve is another such tool that you must have on you. It is only a Tailor’s Curve with the best inseam, upper inseam, hip curve and proper front and back crotch curve measurers that makes sure that your suits, coats and other clothes are fitting you perfectly. Without this essential pattern drafting tool your sewing experience is complete.

4. Vellum Paper

The Vellum Paper is the best medium to jot down your draft. It is of top class quality and can even come with interesting patterns of its own so that the clothes you design look even more graceful! It is only a great quality paper that can give you a clear idea of the designs that you draft. You must make no compromises when it comes to this and Vellum Paper must be your first and only choice when you are in search of perfection!

5. Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge

Just as it is important that you measure your curves perfectly, it is also mandatory that the smaller details like those of your buttons, hooks, eyes and snaps are also spaced out well and in a uniform fashion. This is made possible by the Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge also popularly referred to as the Button Spacer, the expanding sewing gauge or rather the Expanding ruler! With its special L shaped rulers it gives you the accurate measurement so that you can make sure that each button hole and each hook is just where it should be!

These five essential pattern drafting tools will make your sewing patterns as perfect as those of any professional. They are all easily available on the internet itself so that you can design your own patterns from home itself. These tools together with your imagination can work wonders for your wardrobe!

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